Wayne McCurley

Public Works
Title: Director of Public Works
Phone: 972-441-6373
Interim Public Works

Wayne has over 15 years of experience in Municipal Operations and Project Management.  Prior to his career in Wilmer, he worked in the City of West Tawakoni as a Field Foreman and for the City of Lancaster as a Wastewater crew leader. He has multiple certifications including:

Basic Waterworks Operation

Water Distribution

Water Utility Calculations

Water utility Safety

Valve and Hydrant Maintenance

Pump and Motor Operation and Maintenance


Water Loss and Conservation Workshop

Water Distribution Operator B License (W00013410)

Basic Wastewater

Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Collection Operator III License (WW0057441)

Wayne and his lovely wife Jessie have 4 children, Stella, Aiyanna, Dakota and Alex.


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