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Boards & Commissions Application

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    There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that can help you gain valuable work experience, make use of your skills and knowledge, and meet new friends. Please complete the form below. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

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  11. Boards & Commissions

    VOLUNTEERS ARE VITAL TO THE CITY! We encourage you to submit an application. It's a great way to be involved at a local level and enhance the quality of life in Wilmer. Do you want to be more involved in your community? Do you have specialized knowledge, an ability to plan for the future, or an enthusiastic interest in improving the quality of life right in your own community? The City of Wilmer needs people who have a strong interest in the community to serve on one of the City’s many boards, commissions, or committees. Read about our various boards and commissions below. Submit your application today! It is a great investment in Wilmer’s future.

    The Board consist of five (5) members who serve two-year term. Board members must live within the city limits. The Board administers funds and projects using the ½ cents sales tax receipts dedicated to economic development purposes pursuant to the Development Corporation Act of 1979, Article 5190.6. The Corporation is commissioned to research and develop a plan for economic development for the City, such plan to be submitted to City Council for approval; to prepare an annual budget for approval by the Council; and to authorize deposits and investment of public funds within the scope of its stewardship. Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

    The Board consist of seven (7) members who are appointed by the mayor and members of the City Council. Members serve a two-year term. Members must be reside within the city limits. The Corporation administers funds and projects using the ½ cent sales tax to help develop, and undertake projects for quality of life improvements including economic development that will attract and retain primary employers. Funds can be used for a wide variety of projects including land, buildings, and equipment including professional and amateur sports (including children’s sports) and athletic facilities, tourism and entertainment facilities, convention and public park purposes and events, (including stadiums, ballparks, and open space improvements). Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

    The Library Board consist of six (6) members, who are appointed by the mayor and members of the City Council. The Board serves in an advisory capacity. Members serve a two-year term. Members must be residents of Wilmer. The purpose of the Board is to promote public interest in the Library; to coordinate projects and services for the Library. Meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

    The Park board consist of six (6) members, who are appointed by the mayor and members of the City Council. The Board serves in an advisory capacity. Members serve a two-year term. The primary service of this board is to provide opportunities for enriching the lives and meeting the recreational needs of Wilmer citizens. The expressed purpose is to maintain and develop facilities and programs to provide a well-rounded, wholesome program of leisure time activities for the citizens in the community. The park board shall make recommendations to the city council for improving the city's parks and ways of raising funds for improvement of city parks.

    The Planning and Zoning Commission is a statutory board created pursuant to State Law. Members serve a two-year term. Members must be residents of Wilmer. Shall consist of five (5) members. The city council shall appoint each member to serve two-year staggered term or until their successors are duly appointed. The Commission’s powers, duties, and objectives shall be those set forth under the general and special laws of the State of Texas, and such powers and duties as may be set forth or as established by the City Council including but not limited to recommending changes to the City’s Master Plan and City Comprehensive Zoning Plan; hold public hearings, review and recommend amendments to all ordnances, relating to zoning, building, and subdivision rules and regulations, to advise on the process for land use, preliminary plats, final subdivision plats, zoning changes and reclassifications, and other matters pertaining to zoning and subdivision ordinances. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday (as needed) of the month at 7:00 p.m.

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