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  1. Annual Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application
  2. Boards & Commissions Application

    Boards & Commissions Volunteer Application

  3. City of Wilmer Job Application

    Application for Open Positions

  4. Contact Us- Fire Department
  5. Deferred Disposition Request
  6. Driving Safety Course Request
  7. Indigency Questionnaire
  8. Police Department Commendations/Complaints

    Wilmer Police Department Commendations or Complaint Form

  9. Request for Trial
  10. Vendor Application

    Vendor Application for Special Events

  1. Application for Time Payment
  2. City of Wilmer Crime Tip

    Send in a crime tip to the Wilmer Police Department

  3. Contact Us
  4. Contact Us- Police Department

    General information request

  5. Document Submission Form

    Submit your documents to the Court

  6. Economic Development Information Request

    Economic Development Information Request

  7. Mail In Appearance Form
  8. Request for Public Records

    Open Records Request

  9. Special Event Volunteer

    Volunteer to help with a Special Event