Interlibrary Loan Policies

The E. M. Gilliam Memorial Public Library is committed to serving the public by providing materials to meet our patrons’ needs. 

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service offers patrons access to collections beyond what is held in Wilmer, allowing patrons to request items to be sent to MPCL. ILL services are available to cardholders in good standing who live, work, attend school, own property, or own a business in Wilmer. ILL is not available to MPCL temporary card holders. Up to ten (10) ILL requests may be pending or checked out at one time.

Materials Not Available Through ILL

  • Newly published materials (materials less than one year old)
  • Audio-visual material
  • Textbooks
  • Books copyrighted or dated prior to 1920
  • Entire issues of periodicals
  • Rare books or non-book materials
  • E-books or e-documents/articles
  • Restricted Material

The lending library can dictate the conditions under which it will lend materials. Some of the materials may be designated by the lending library as restricted. This means that this material must be used in the E. M. Gilliam Memorial Public Library and cannot leave the building. MPCL staff will notify the patron that the material is available but restricted to in-library use only.

Loan Period

The length of the loan is set by the lending library, not MPCL, and will vary accordingly.  The due date is noted on each item. If the item can be checked out and is not picked up by the due date listed on the sticker, it will be returned to the lending library and the patron will be charged the loan fee. If the item is not picked up within 14 days of notification (unless a shorter time is indicated by the lending library) it will be returned to the lending library and the patron will be charged the loan fee.

Renewal of ILL materials is dependent upon the restrictions set by the lending library. Patrons must call the library to request a renewal three working (Monday-Friday) days before the due date included on the lending label. Patrons can also request renewals through the patron ILL interface. Overdue ILL materials cannot be renewed. 

The lending library may exercise the option to recall material needed by its local patrons. If the material is recalled before the due date, the patron must, upon notification, return the material immediately.

Fines and Fees

Any item received via ILL service is subject to the same fees/fines placed on similar items owned by MPCL. In addition, libraries which loan material to MPCL may place additional fines/fees on loaned items.

The patron is responsible for any damage to and/or loss of the material which results after he/she has picked up the Interlibrary Loan requested material. Patrons will not be billed for item(s) noted as damaged prior to their checking out the item(s).

Each successful Interlibrary Loan request will incur a lending fee of $5.00, plus any fees charged by the lending institution to be paid at time of check out of the item(s).