Pirate Books

You can find at the Wilmer Library!

Bold New Horizons By Kidd, Rob
Bold New Horizons

Jack Sparrow: Silver By Kidd, Rob
Jack Sparrow Silver book cover

Deadmen Walking By Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Deadmen Walking book cover

William Kidd and the Pirates of the Indian Ocean By Malam, John
William Kidd book cover

Pirate Latitudes By Crichton, Michael
Pirate Latitudes book cover

The Pirate Who Said Please By Knapman, Timothy
Pirate that said please book cover

Pirates Aren't Afraid of the Dark! By Powell-Tuck, Maudie
Pirates aren't afraid of the dark book cover

The Law of Finders Keepers By Turner, Sheila
Finders Keepers book cover

Surfing for Secrets By Stilton, Geronimo
Surfing for Secrets book cover