Alcohol Permitting Process

In order to provide certification of your TABC paperwork, you must follow the below mention process and be in compliance with Ordinance No. 08-0717

  1. Complete a City of Wilmer Alcoholic Beverage Permit Online Application and submit appropriate payment.
  2.  A map of the proposed location will be provided by the Planning Department along with a spreadsheet, on which the applicant will note the businesses/schools/churches/hospitals surrounding the location.
  3.  Once this information has been received, distance requirements will be verified.

The City will notify applicant of the outcome of the distance requirement verification.  If distance requirement is not met, the process ends.

If distance requirement is met, applicant will be notified to submit completed TABC pre-qualification paperwork for certification by the City Secretary.  Paperwork must be certified by the Comptroller of Public Accounts.  The City of Wilmer will not accept an application that does not meet this requirement. NO ORIGINAL TABC PRE-QUALIFICATION PAPERWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED PRIOR TO THIS STEP.  A copy may be submitted for informational purposes.

Fees have been assessed at ½ the annual TABC fees and are due annually and upon the renewal of any TABC permit or license. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of the City Secretary at 972-441-6373