The Sewer Division is responsible for the collection of all wastewater and its transmission to the wastewater treatment plant. This service includes the operation, maintenance and repair of all sewer lines, manholes and lift stations connected to the wastewater collection system.

Sewer Stoppage Problems
If you experience a sewer backup in your home, please contact the Public Works Department at 972-441-6373 or submit a Report a Concern form here. A city employee will check to see if there is a blockage in a city line. If the blockage is not the City's responsibility you will be notified so you can contact a plumber.

Simple Ways YOU Can Help Keep Our Sewer System Flowing:

Clogged Pipe PhotoFats, Oils, Grease (FOG):
Fats, Oils and Grease DO NOT belong down the drain. FOG comes from food scraps, meats, butter, lard, sauces, dairy products, and cooking oil. Even if you run hot water while draining them into your sink, FOG will eventually cool, harden and cause build up in your pipes or in the city sewer lines. Blockages, if left untreated, will cause a sanitary sewer overflow to occur and that stinks. Visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for more information.

Wipes Clog PipesWipes Clog Pipes:
Flushable wipes are becoming a big problem for pipes. Many manufacturers claim wipes can be flushed, but these stronger wipes don’t break down quickly. Flushed wipes congeal with FOG that build up in pipes and cause clogs. Dispose of wipes, cleaning cloths, paper towels and personal care items in the trash. Only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet.

Manhole CoversLeave the Manholes Covered!
Manholes are covered and bolted for the protection of our sewer system and our citizens. Please do not tamper with or remove manhole covers. 

Consumer Confident Reports (CCR)

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs), also known as water quality reports or drinking water quality reports, provide you with important information about the quality of your drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires every community water supplier to provide a CCR to its customers.