The Water Division works to maintain and operate the City's water distribution system in a manner that provides a safe working environment for the field personnel and continuous service to the customers of the City and maximizes the investment in the system through the use of professionally trained, experienced, and certified employees and necessary equipment. The Division checks for leaks in the water mains and water lines on a regular basis. The Water Division works with all utility companies and contractors to locate all city services and review plans for construction to ensure proper size of water mains; the proper number of fire hydrants; and proper numbers and locations for services and design.

Pinto Road Water Tower

Clean Water Act

The Wastewater Division seeks to fulfill the requirements of the Clean Water Act that all cities must have in an ongoing pretreatment program. The program affects any industry that discharges processed wastewater into the sanitary system and whose process uses or produces toxic materials or causes that facility's sewage to be stronger than normal wastewater. The Wastewater Division is a program-oriented operation, with the responsibilities of plan review, industrial pretreatment program, preventative cleaning, video inspection, point repair, and inflow and infiltration reduction

Line Locates

Utility line locates are required before any excavation deeper than 18 inches can take place in the City of Wilmer, TX. Water Utility line locates are not part of the One Call Center "811 - Call before you dig'" process. Each request for a water or sewer line locate must be made through the Water Utilities Department.

Routine Line Locates

You can request a routine line locates online by clicking here. The Wilmer Water Department will then contact you to schedule a meeting time with a Utilities Service Specialist if needed. Water and Sewer Line Locates will be completed within five (5) business days.