Our Utilities Keep Operations Running Swift & Strong

ELECTRICITY: Reliability, Redundancy, and True Buying Power

The buying power of the deregulated Texas energy market combined with the reliable infrastructure of Oncor, the state’s largest transmission and distribution utility. With available redundancy Wilmer is ready to handle any need or operation, from power-hungry data centers to power-critical refrigerated/cold storage commerce. Negotiate the energy package that’s right for your bottom line, variable- or fixed-rate, and power up your profitability.

GAS: Leading Service, Competitive Pricing

Headquartered next door in Dallas, Atmos Energy, the nation’s largest natural gas distributor, supports residential and business customers with reliable, responsive service at cost-competitive prices. Providing programs like Energy Matters to save energy and money, as well as performance enhancers like benchmarks, assessments, and personal service, Atmos is a natural partner for wise energy use and business success.

WATER: Supplies for Future Demand

A forward-thinking policy on water and sewer service is keeping Wilmer industries and residents in a good position for tomorrow’s water needs, with capital improvement plans for 30” water lines underway and commitment on tap for prosperity and growth. Learn more about Wilmer Utilities.