Business Advantages

We're in the Business of Moving Businesses Ahead!

While many know of Wilmer as a highly attractive distribution location, we’re also in the business of moving all kinds of businesses ahead - from light to heavy manufacturing; from aerospace to advanced manufacturing; from retail to back office to logistical operations.   


As the home for major distribution centers of Fortune 500 leaders - Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Union Pacific, Ace Hardware, Medline and more - Wilmer is America’s global logistics center, allowing affordable access to this region’s high-value transportation assets.  

Industrial Parks

Wilmer is also jumpstarting growth with shovel-ready acreage at sites developed to meet global standards in infrastructure and utilities at four powerfully designed industrial parks, with a fifth under development.  

Labor Pool

Wilmer is also mobilizing business with the productive power of a labor pool of 2+ million, ready for custom training at no or low cost. Through the assistance of both state and local resources, and both public and private entities, your Wilmer team hits the ground running.


Wilmer is powering competitive advantages with every recruitment deal, through lucrative incentives that include FTZ designation, Triple Freeport exemptions, tax abatements and cash grants beefed up by our dual Type A / Type B development corporations.

Strategically Located

Wilmer, just 15 miles from downtown Dallas, offers easy access to all regional Interstates (I-45, I-20, I-30), U.S. Highways, and both international and general aviation airports (Lancaster, DFW International, Love Field).

Explore our interactive maps showing all the benefits our location offers.

Strategic Location Map