Vote Bnner

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
For kids K-12 - Sing the ABCs of national government. Put the United States back together and learn the history of the bald eagle and statue of liberty.

Department of Justice
Help the Justice Department by knowing Cyber ethics, the tools for crime prevention, and get an inside scoop on the inner workings of the courtroom.

FBI Kids
What exactly is it that the FBI does? Click here to get the Inside Story.
First Ladies of America
From Martha Washington to Laura Bush, the First Ladies have been the women behind the scenes who have supported our Nation's Leader.

Let's Vote
A resource of ways kids can be involved with their parents in discussing relevant issues related to voting.
Politically Speaking
Politically Speaking is a weekly program focused on political and government commentary.

The White House
Learn about Flat Stanley's visit with George Bush, why tee-ball is being played on the lawn, and what really goes on in the White House.
U.S. Presidents
A list of all the presidents, from the nation's birth to present day. Find out what they liked to eat and what they liked to do.