Global Village


African American Heros
Learn about African American Heros that made a significant impact on history. Could you be the next hero?

Kids That Do Good
Find volunteer opportunities for kids, teens, & families.
Military Kids
Are you a military kid on the move? It can be hard leaving behind your house and friends. This site has advice on saying goodbye, planning to move, and making new friends after you've moved.

My Hero
Who are your heroes? Explorers, Writers, scientists, and … dogs? Check out these people who have had a powerful impact on those around them and have helped shape our world into what it is today.
Native Americans
Hear about old Native American tales and myths. Explore their ancient culture and customs.

Native American Planet Youth
Listen to the sounds of the Comanche Flute and learn about the customs and culture of Native Americans.

Wonders of the African World
Prepare for an interactive journey across the globe as you begin your Quest for the Magic Calabash. Before going, create your own Adinkra cloth to wear, decorated with the traditional Ashanti Symbols.

OUR WORLDKids holding the world picture

Kids Recycle
Learn what others are doing to reduce waste. Make a poster or create your own logo to promote recycling in your area.

Kids World Travel Guide
Our Kids World Travel Guide shall tell you about countries and people and will provide terrific tips and advice for your family holidays around the world.
Peace Corps
What is the Peace Corps? How can I make a difference? Read about how kids like you are making a difference across the globe.