Senior Services

The Wilmer Senior Services strives to provide a welcoming and friendly senior center for everyone 60+, enhancing a healthy lifestyle through quality education, recreation, resources, socials, and volunteer opportunities.

The dictionary defines a keystone as a wedge-shaped stone that holds an arch together; without this important piece, the entire thing would fall apart.  Therefore, you could say that a Keystone Individual is one that holds it all together.  They are often leaders, even if they don't hold formal leadership roles.  They are someone you can always depend on and their effect on their community is irreplaceable.  They embrace their community’s goals and encourage and develop others to move their community towards greatness.  Their presence produces a ripple effect – in which one little positive change has the potential to produce other positive changes in all different parts of the community.  They are a person who inspires others with their passion, vision and experience so that they themselves become keystones and contribute to our community.  

Without these key influencers, the community would be drastically different.

This imagery perfectly defines the seniors of our community and we have adopted it as the name of our group.  Come join us at one of our meetings.  You won’t find another group that has more kind or caring members.  When you choose to visit us, expect to find, laughter, good conversation, support from caring neighbors, a helping hand, and nourishment for your body, mind, and soul.