At Your Door

Waste Management's at Your Door - Special Collection Service

Do you have used motor oil? Unwanted paint? Used household batteries? Old electronics?
Waste Management offers a collection service for these household special materials to residents. Through this program, you can schedule a collection of these materials right from your home.

Acceptable materials for pick up include:

  • Automotive Products: used motor oil, oil filters and batteries
  • Garden Chemicals: pesticides, herbicides, weed killers
  • Paint Products: oil based and latex paints, spray paint and wood stains
  • Household Cleaners: tile/shower cleaner, upholstery cleaners, rust remover and more
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Electronics: TV’s, computers, monitors and more
  • Household Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
  • Thermometers and thermostats containing mercury

This service does not include biological waste, appliances, trash, tires, ammunition, asbestos, any medicines/pharmaceuticals, or radioactive materials. Materials must be in a sealed, labeled container in 5 gal or less. This is a residential program only; no business materials will be collected.

There are two easy & convenient ways to schedule a collection: