Animal Services Division

ResponsibilitiesASO Badge

Animal Services is managed by the Police Department and is responsible for:

  • Capturing and housing animals found at large or abandoned.
  • Enforcing city ordinances and state laws that pertain to the ownership, vaccination, housing, and care of animals within the city.

Running at Large

  1. It shall be unlawful for any dog or other animal possessed, kept, or harbored, other than a cat, to run at large, as defined in this article.
  2. The supervisor of animal control is authorized to impound such animals running at large, other than a cat, and may impound a cat under conditions specified in section 2.01.006 of this article, and when he has received a complaint that the cat causes a nuisance or hazard to the health or welfare of human or animal population.

Animal Vaccination

All dogs and cats over four months of age (as required by state law) must be vaccinated annually for rabies with an approved anti-rabies vaccine and administered by a duly authorized veterinarian. A metal certificate of vaccination with the year of vaccination, a certificate number, and the name, address, and phone number of the vaccinating veterinarian must be securely attached to a collar or harness that must be worn by the dog or cat at all times. In addition to the metal certificate, a paper certificate must be issued stating the name of the owner, the address of the owner, description of the dog or cat, the date of vaccination, the number of the metal certificate, and the kind of vaccine used.

For questions and to request assistance from Animal Services please call 972-441-6565.