Payment Methods

You have the following options to make your payment.

Money Orders or Cashier's Checks

Money orders or cashier's checks payable to the City of Wilmer: Write your citation number on your money order or cashier's check. Delivery options include:

  • Mail to:
    Wilmer Municipal Court
    219 E Beltline Road
    Wilmer, TX 75172
  • Drop off inside the court lobby during business hours
  • Use the after-hours drop box located at the Wilmer Municipal Court. Do not leave cash in the dropbox
  • You can submit your appearance form online by clicking the link below and calling the court to make your payment once the form is submitted.


Personal checks are not accepted.

Credit & Debit Cards

  • Pay in person at the court window. There is a processing fee of 3.5% with a $0.95 minimum
  • Pay online using The Payment Group website or by phone at 800-444-1187. There is a processing fee of 6.5% with a $3.95 minimum. Processing fees are charged and collected by the Payment group. No portion of those fees are kept by the City of Wilmer.