Alternative Payment Options

If you are financially unable to pay a fine and/or court costs in full (one payment), there are other options, such as a payment plan, extension, or community service. You may appear in person during business hours to apply for a payment plan or extension or use the online form below.

For community service, you must appear on your scheduled appearance date.  You may submit your online questionnaire prior to your scheduled appearance.  Proof of income and expenses is required. All payment alternatives must be approved by the judge.  Please contact the court to discuss your options.

By completing the information below and making payment you understand:

1.)  You are waiving your right to receive discovery from the state and the right to a jury trial or hearing by the court.

2.) A finding of guilty will be entered for each violation you pay.

3.) Your paid violation may result in the assessment of reinstatement fees.

4.) You are certifying your identity as that of the person named in the charging instrument for the violation for which you are paying. 

5.) You understand that your plea may result in a conviction appearing on either a criminal record or a driver's license record.

A $15 reimbursement fee will be added if any part of the fine is paid on or after the 31st day a judgment has been entered.

In certain situations, in which a person cannot perform community service and is also Indigent and unable to pay out their fine and court costs on a payment plan the Court will hear evidence about your financial situation to help resolve this matter and may even reduce the fine and court costs or eliminate them completely, depending on the severity of your financial situation.